What You Need To Know About Engaging An Auto Accident Lawyer

24 July 2017
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Lower gas prices, increased vehicles mileage and risky driving behaviors such as texting while driving are putting more people at risk of road accidents in the US. The National Safety Council estimates that 4.6 million people were injured seriously enough to require medical services in auto accidents in 2016. Here are things you need to know about engaging an auto accidents lawyer. What Should I Do After an Accident? As simple as it may sound, remaining silent about who is to blame for an accident is the most important thing to remember. Read More 

Is Bankruptcy an Option for You? 4 Snags to Avoid in Your Case

17 July 2017
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While the decision to file for bankruptcy can be incredibly difficult to make, your work is far from over once you do decide. There are some big no-no's that could halt you in your tracks toward making a fresh financial start, and knowing about these issues ahead of time could pay off in making sure that your chapter 7 filing goes as smoothly as possible. When bankruptcy works, it works wonders, so read to learn more about a few possible snags and how to avoid them. Read More 

How To Help Your Own Car Accident Case

10 July 2017
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If you have been a victim in a car accident and you are in the process of working with a lawyer to receive the compensation you deserve, you will need to make sure that you are doing your part. You need to pay attention to some of the things you are doing and take action in order to help your car accident lawyer get the outcome you want for your case. Read More 

What Happens If You Are Awarded Social Security Benefits Retroactively?

3 July 2017
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Becoming disabled doesn't automatically entitle you to collect benefits from the Social Security Administration. Some disabled persons are able to continue working in their careers and others go on to take early retirement, or begin investing in real estate or the stock market. Ultimately, Social Security disability funds are earmarked for disabled individuals who can't otherwise earn a basic living wage. If it has taken years for you to successfully be awarded Social Security benefits the good news is that you likely have a sizable back payment coming your way. Read More 

Probate Demystified In Four Steps

27 June 2017
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When a loved one passes away, dealing with all the details and issues can be overwhelming. Probate is the legal means of ensuring that a deceased person's estate is processed and handled in a fair manner, but the term and the process is filled with trepidation and confusion. The process is actually relatively simple and straightforward in most cases, unless you are dealing with large estate or a contested will. Read on to learn more about this process in four simple steps. Read More