Challenges Of Car Accident Cases For People With Pre-Existing Injuries

20 May 2017
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Car accidents can cause major injuries, but the injuries can be even worse if the victim of an accident already had pre-existing conditions. If you have been struggling with major back problems for several years and are struck by another car, the trauma from the accident could cause your back problems to become much worse than they already were. Here are a few things you should understand if you were a victim of a car accident and had pre-existing back problems prior to the accident. Read More 

2 Misconceptions About the Personal Injury Lawsuit Statute of Limitations You Need to Learn the Truth Behind

18 May 2017
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While you may never expect to become injured due to someone else's negligence, it is important to be prepared for if/when that time comes. The odds that you will need to file a personal injury lawsuit one day may be much higher than you thinkā€”the majority of civil court cases in the United States are personal injury cases. Most people drive automobiles on a regular basis and almost everyone walks, so auto accident and slip and fall cases are two of the most common personal injury lawsuits today. Read More 

4 Measures You Can Take To Avoid Your Abuser Ever Finding You

15 May 2017
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Domestic violence is often thought of a crime that happens within the home setting. Victims may have trouble finding the financial resources or emotional strength to leave initially, but there is also a very real risk that continues to follow them even after fleeing. If you have been stalked, threatened or otherwise made to feel uncomfortable by your former abuser, here are the actions that you can take to stay safe and begin the healing process. Read More 

Stolen Ideas, Making Claims, Legal Issues, And You: Can You Sue?

12 May 2017
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Have you ever sat in a restaurant booth discussing an idea you had with a friend or family member? Then, suddenly, that idea is a reality a few months later? This is precisely why authors, artists, and songwriters refuse to discuss their work with anyone until it is a concrete thing. Anyone overhearing your ideas or hearing about your creations can take them, but you may be wondering if you can sue. Read More 

Workers Compensation: Tips For Avoiding A Denial

9 May 2017
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Workers compensation is an important form of insurance that employers must carry in order to protect employees if they are injured at work. When a workers compensation claim is approved, the insurance company will cover the costs of medical bills and lost wages due to the workplace injury. But filing a workers compensation claim does not mean that it will automatically be approved. Use the following tips to help prevent your workers comp claim from being denied: Read More