What Issues Call for a Business Lawyer?

2 May 2019
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Operating a company can present a host of challenges, and that's why it's common for firms of all sizes to retain the services of at least one business lawyer. Even if you're just not quite sure what the legalities surrounding an issue might be, talking with a business lawyer could save your company a lot of grief. Take the time to get in touch with one if you're facing any of these 5 concerns. Read More 

Why Negligence, Recklessness, And Malice Matter In Injury Cases

26 March 2019
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Moving forward with a personal injury claim can feel at once like a simple process and a difficult one. On one hand, it seems like it should be easy to say you were hurt because of someone else's actions -- on the other hand, it can seem like a long process of working with claims adjusters, personal injury lawyers, and even courts. Learning about the basics of the system can make it a bit easier to understand. Read More 

Three Reasons That A Specific Term Of Rehabilitative Alimony Is The Right Decision

20 February 2019
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When you get divorced and you were the primary earner in the household, you may be looking at making rehabilitative alimony payments to your spouse. These are payments that will help him or her to obtain the necessary training or education that can lead to a career. Unlike some forms of spousal support, this isn't a payment that will carry on indefinitely. Ensure that your divorce attorney can get your spouse's attorney to agree to a specific term that both parties feel is reasonable. Read More 

Should You Hire A Wrongful Termination Attorney? Here’s What To Know

12 January 2019
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If you have recently been terminated from your job and you feel as though it was a wrongful termination, you might want to retain the services of a wrongful termination attorney. To help you figure out if this is something you should do, you will want to review the following points. You Were Fired Because Of Protected Absences Protected absences are absences that you cannot legally be fired for. For example, if you were required to report to the court house to serve as a juror, you are likely going to miss some work. Read More 

What To Know When Defending Yourself Against Criminal Charges

5 December 2018
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Being convicted of a criminal accusation can have long-lasting and severe impacts on your life. In order to minimize the risks of being convicted, individuals will need to actively take steps to strengthen their criminal defense or to at least avoid undermining it. Choose An Attorney That Has Experience With Your Particular Type Of Case The laws concerning criminal charges and accusations can have numerous intricacies, and it can be wise to have an attorney that has experience with your particular case represent you. Read More