Victim Of Road Rage: How You Can Sue Your Attacker With The Help Of A Lawyer

25 January 2015
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Did someone attack you out of road rage because you took too long to move at a streetlight? With the help of a personal injury lawyer, you can get paid for everything the other party caused you to experience. Discover how you can take the other driver to court for your trauma and how much hiring a lawyer will cost.

How Can Someone Be Sued After Causing an Injury from Road Rage?

The key to winning a lawsuit for road rage is to prove that you were injured and innocent in the entire situation. You will need a personal injury lawyer by your side to help you come up with relevant evidence that can be used in court. If a police report was filed at the time of the incident, your lawyer can get a copy of it because it will be a vital piece of evidence for proving your innocence.

A lawyer will also assist with the lawsuit by seeking witnesses who may have seen the crime taking place. If someone was in your vehicle with you, he or she can act as a witness. However, the lawyer will likely visit the scene where the road rage took place in case someone working in the area saw anything.

Your attacker will be investigated by your lawyer to determine if he or she has a criminal record. If it is found that your attacker has been involved in a similar incident in the past, your case will become stronger. Your past may be investigated as well to prove the type of character you have.

Other evidence may include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Money lost from missing work

How Much Does Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

When you are involved in a lawsuit for an injury caused by road rage, you may be able to hire a lawyer working based on a contingency fee. In such a case, there is no set price that you will have to pay the lawyer to represent you in court. You can expect to pay a fee that is based on how much money you win from the lawsuit. It is typically for lawyers to charge up to 40% of what is won in court.

Road rage is something that can cause nightmares and the fear of driving. Don't allow your attacker to get away with causing you so much pain and suffering. Schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer so he or she can help you get paid for what you went through! For more information, talk to a local personal injury lawyer, like those at Heritage Law Group.