2 Things You Should Do Before Signing A Prenuptial Agreement

14 April 2015
 Categories: Law, Blog

Prenuptial agreements are a sensitive subject most people don't want to discuss. Many view these agreements as preparation for a divorce or a sign that the person asking for the agreement doesn't trust their partner. Prenuptial agreements don't have to be a bad thing. However, exactly what you are agreeing to is the determining factor. If your partner is asking you to sign a prenup, there are a couple of things you want to do beforehand to ensure you are protecting yourself.

Get your Own Lawyer

More than likely, your partner has their own lawyer. Don't make the mistake of assuming their lawyer will also be looking out for your best interests. Your partner's lawyer has been paid to protect them, not you. Make certain you get your own representation. While the lawyer will review the prenup with you and facilitate the signing of the agreement, they will not negotiate any terms or ensure any of your conditions are included in the agreement.

Only your own representation will be able to extend these services to you. While it is not a requirement for you to have your own representation, it can help clear up any concerns you have and give you greater confidence. Once your spouse brings up the subject of a prenuptial agreement to you, this should serve as a sign that it's time for you to get a lawyer.

Don't Rush

Understand that you can't be rushed to sign the agreement. Your partner should be approaching the topic of an agreement well before the wedding. Prenuptial agreements are more than just a simple document. This agreement is a contract for your future. In order to ensure that you are protected, it's imperative that you and your lawyer have the time to review the agreement, line by line.

This is not a process that can be completed overnight. If your partner brings up the topic at the last minute, don't be afraid to postpone the ceremony until the two of you have had adequate time to discuss the matter and come to an agreement if that's what it takes. Having sufficient time isn't just important on your behalf, it also ensures your partner has adequate time to review any changes you make the agreement.

Make certain you are keeping your future in your view. Don't sign any agreement you consider to be unfair or that may negatively affect your financial future. Contact a lawyer like Martin and Martin ICBC today for help.