Answering FAQs Concerning Registering A US Bought Vehicle In Canada

9 May 2015
 Categories: Law, Blog

Whether you move here from the US and bring your own car or choose to travel across the border to buy a vehicle, registering your new ride will bring about a few different concerns than what you would have otherwise. Even though adding your car to the Canadian registry is not a complicated process, it is highly likely that you will have a few additional questions and concerns. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions concerning registering a US bought vehicle in the US.

What type of documentation will be necessary for registration?

When you bring a car into the country and want to have it legally registered in Canada, you will have to provide several pieces of documented information. While every province will have its own set of documentation requirements, you should basically expect to be asked for:

  • Proof of insurance or the pink card given to you by your insurance agent
  • Vehicle inspection approval documentation
  • A form from the Canadian Importations Office
  • Proof of the purchase or ownership of the vehicle

If you are unsure of what documents you need specifically in your area or where they can be obtained, talk to a registry agent at the office nearest you for instruction. This is something that you should do immediately upon bringing the vehicle into the country.

What happens during the vehicle inspection?

When a vehicle is brought in from a foreign country, an inspection must be performed to ensure that the vehicle is legally up to code for this country. You will have your vehicle inspected by a certified professional at the inspection station closest to you. During the inspection, emissions will be tested and several aspects will be considered about the vehicle to make sure it is legally allowed on the road. Once complete and your car is approved, you will be given a document to prove clearance.

What if the vehicle has been modified?

It is a good general rule to keep in mind that modified vehicles may not be allowed in Canada if they were indeed modified in another country. This can include simple changes, such as lifts and aftermarket parts, but can also include some forms of body work as well. You should look over the Vehicle Import Compatibility List to see if the modifications to your car or truck will be allowed.

The reason that registering a car with the Canadian registries is more complex with foreign-purchased cars is only for the protection of residents and drivers. Be sure you talk openly with your local registries office about any concerns you have.