How To Fill Out Section C Of WSIB Form 6

3 June 2015
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Workplace injuries are a common occurrence throughout Canada. If you get injured on the job, you'll need to start gathering information in order to fill out a report called the Worker's Report of Injury/Disease (Form 6) so you can initiate a claim with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). You will need to provide information concerning the when, where, and how the accident happened along with the names of any witnesses to fill out section C of Form 6.

Here is the information you need to provide to properly fill out Section C of Form 6 when you suffer a sudden or chronic injury or illness:

Details of Injuries/Illness

You will have to supply the dates the accident occurred. If this was a onetime incident like falling off a ladder, the date you fell of the ladder will suffice; but not all injuries happen because of a momentary incident.

Certain injuries, like repetitive motion injuries, often start slowly and build over time – you will need to put down the date that you became aware that something different was happening to your body. For instance, if you've been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, the date (or a close estimate thereof) you first starting noticing stiffness in your hands and fingers would be the date you would put down on Form 6.

Who You Notified

The WSIB board will want to know who in the company you work for you notified that you have either suffered an injury or are starting to have physical problems doing the same thing over and over again. Again, you fall off a ladder and get hurt your supervisor should be made aware of it right away – all you have to write down is their name.

However, in the case of chronic injuries, you almost have to build a timeline of your complaints. If you think your are starting to suffer from a work-related chronic injury or illness, you should start a log right away of each time you suffered symptoms, and who you complained to in management that something was wrong with you physically or mentally.


You want to get the names of everyone (workers, visitors, contractors and management) who witnessed the accident if you can. If you fall off a ladder (and don't get knocked out), you should quickly look around as soon as you can to see who is standing around and, if you are too injured, have someone write down the names and contact information of everyone around.

Chronic conditions are harder, you should complain to a co-worker or two to let them know that something is wrong with your hands and wrists. You should try to have those same co-workers around when you notify your supervisor that you are having physical problems performing your duties. This provides a little backup to what you are stating in case the memories of you and your supervisor don't match.

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