Marital Breakdown Problems: Why You Should Hire A Family Lawyer

13 July 2015
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Are you and your spouse experiencing a marital breakdown but unsure if getting divorced is the solution to the problem? Sometimes help from a third party is helpful for getting through marital problems, and consulting with a family lawyer is the best way to get direction. Find out below how a lawyer can help you determine if your marriage is worth saving, as well as an estimate of what he or she will charge. 

How Can a Lawyer Assist with Sorting Out a Marital Breakdown?

You and your spouse can visit a family lawyer at the same time to discuss what led to the marital breakdown. However, visiting the lawyer separately may be more ideal if the two of you are unable to communicate without getting into an argument. The lawyer will discuss your finances, assets and whether or not there are children involved in the marriage.

The lawyer will figure out if there is even a slight chance for the marriage to be saved. He or she may refer you and your spouse to a marriage counselor in an effort to work things out. It is also possible that the lawyer will suggest that you and your spouse legally separate until the marriage is back to a healthy state.

How Will the Lawyer Help if Separation is Agreed Upon?

If you and your spouse separate and live separately, the lawyer will assist with sorting out who has to pay what percentage of marital debts. It is also possible for the lawyer to assist with you or your spouse getting financial support during the separation. He or she will help with the division of assets as well.

If there are children involved in the marriage, the lawyer will arrange a custody plan. You and your spouse can make the custody plan, but the lawyer can come up with one that is in the best interest of the children if the two of you can't agree.

How Much Does a Family Lawyer Charge?

It is estimated that you will be charged an hourly rate of $90 or more. You will likely have to pay a retainer fee if you are charged by the hour, which is lump sum upfront. Your lawyer may opt for charging you a flat rate instead of by the hour, but it depends on the complexity of your case. Consult with a family lawyer (such as one from Dukeshire Law Office) so he or she can help you sort through your marital breakdown as soon as possible!