Why You Would Want To Hire Lawyers From A Full Service Firm

6 August 2015
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Some people just get sandbagged with all kinds of legal problems in life. It is not pretty, and it can make you feel quite desperate. When you first encounter a legal problem, you may want to consider hiring a lawyer from a "full service law firm." If you do not know what a full service firm entails, or even why you would want to hire one of their lawyers, the following should clarify it for you.

What a Full Service Law Firm Is and Does

A full service law firm like Dobko & Wheaton encompasses just about every branch and specialty of law that exists. There is nothing this law firm cannot defend, so long as you have a valid case. If you need a last will and testament, a divorce lawyer, a real estate lawyer and a trust fund lawyer all within ten years' time, this is where you go to get your legal team. Corporations and businesses can utilize a full service law firm too, because anything and everything related to a business--from incorporation to bankruptcy--this type of law firm can handle.

Why You Would Want to Hire Lawyers from a Full Service Firm

Not only do you have access to every branch of law there is, but also your specific lawyer or lawyers can consult with several other lawyers in the firm regarding your case. There are multiple opinions and expert legal advice all in one place. If you ever have another legal problem arise and your first lawyer is not trained in that type of law, he or she can refer you to another lawyer in the firm that is versed in your particular legal problem. You never have to hunt for another lawyer elsewhere because all the lawyers you may ever need are all under the same roof.

What or Who to Ask For When You Call

When you call a full service firm the very first time to set up a consultation, the more specific you are the easier it will be for the receptionist to find you a lawyer within the firm to take your case. For example, you know you have a terminal illness, but you want a divorce because your spouse is cheating on you. If the firm has a lawyer who practices both divorce law and wills, that is who the receptionist will defer your call to. Otherwise you may speak with a couple of different lawyers within the same meeting so that your whole legal "team" is on the same page.