What To Expect and Tips To Follow for Your Criminal Charges

3 May 2017
 Categories: Law, Blog

Being charged with a criminal offense is enough to make you feel trapped. You may feel as though your future is slipping through the cracks -- even if the maximum sentence for your offense is 2 years. Any time behind bars, or with a criminal conviction on your record, is enough to alter the course of your life from here on out. To make sure that you get the desired outcome from your criminal charges, read on and apply these tips. 

#1: Hire the absolute best criminal lawyer you can find

To be sure that you are getting representation from nothing but the best attorneys around, find referrals from people who have been charged with such offenses before. You need to hire a lawyer who focuses on a specialty, rather than a general interest. For instance, if you get caught with weed in a state that is not marijuana friendly, hire a drug attorney rather than a general criminal defense lawyer. Sit down with these lawyers and have them explain the strategy they will employ to win your case. You also need to ask them specifically how much they charge. You might expect pay approximately $200, in addition to a retainer fee, to secure a criminal defense lawyer.

#2: Do your best to communicate with your lawyer and understand the law

Once you have formally been charged and given a court date, it is on you to learn all about these charges, which makes it essential that you trust your attorney. Study up on some case law related to your charges so that you're able to ask your attorney intelligent questions and stay up to date with details. In some situations, your lawyer might suggest a plea bargain. Plea bargains are beneficial because you'll receive a lesser charge and save of a boatload of money in attorney fees.

#3: Get read for your day in court if it goes to trial

A criminal trial can be one of the most nerve-racking things you will ever endure in your life, so get as much sleep as possible. Be sure to eat a light breakfast so that you have energy to function and remain alert. Dress for success, making sure that your dress clothes fit and look neat. Be prepared to take a deep breath and speak clearly and concisely when questioned, and only address the judge as "Your Honor."

You can also contact a criminal law firm like Hazlett & Pedemonte with more questions. Be diligent about these tips and you will have success with your criminal case.