Workers Compensation: Tips For Avoiding A Denial

9 May 2017
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Workers compensation is an important form of insurance that employers must carry in order to protect employees if they are injured at work. When a workers compensation claim is approved, the insurance company will cover the costs of medical bills and lost wages due to the workplace injury. But filing a workers compensation claim does not mean that it will automatically be approved. Use the following tips to help prevent your workers comp claim from being denied:

Immediately Report Your Injury

One important aspect of a workers comp claim is proving that your injury occurred at work while you were on the clock. One of the easiest ways to establish this is by immediately reporting an injury to your supervisor and requesting that an accident report be filled out. Always report an injury, no matter how minor you may think it is-- it is better to have an injury on record and not actually need medical care compared to reporting an injury days or weeks later when it is harder to prove that you hurt yourself at work.

Seek Medical Care from the Appropriate Provider

In most cases, employers and the insurance company that they purchase workers comp insurance from require an injured employee to see a specific doctor or go to a certain clinic for workplace injuries. Failing to see the proper provider and seeking medical care from your own doctor can cause problems with your workers comp claim. It is in your best interest to talk to your supervisor or the HR department to find out where you should go for medical care.

Take Your Medical Care Seriously

When it comes to workers compensation, you need evidence that proves the extent of your injuries if you want your claim to be approved. Typically, the evidence used to assess a workers comp claim are medical records from after the accident. After you seek medical care for your workplace injury, it is essential to attend all follow-up appointments and carefully follow the treatment instructions given from the doctor. Failure to take your medical care seriously can make it look like you are not actually that hurt, and your workers comp claim may not be approved.

File Your Claim Quickly

In most states, there are strict deadlines for how long you have after an injury to file a workers compensation claim. Ideally, you should file your claim as quickly as possible to medical bills can be paid and you can be paid any wages that you lost due to missing work as a result after your injury. If you miss the deadline to file a claim, you will have little recourse in the future. 

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