PTSD - How To Get Workers Compensation For Working As A Paramedic

12 June 2017
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Paramedics face danger every time they answer a call. They have to respond to grisly accident and murder scenes. This job requires you to come in contact with bodily fluids and blood, which leaves you vulnerable to infectious diseases. Emergency workers also work in a variety of environments. These conditions expose you to hazardous materials, chemicals and sounds. This exposure can result in psychological stresses and significant hearing loss.

The physical exertion of lifting and carrying patients takes a major toll on your body. This also results in stress injuries that can cause you to miss time from work. Read on to find out how to get workers comp services for working as a paramedic.

Provide Medical Records

Workers comp claims for PTSD are thoroughly investigated. Investigators are going to take actions to verify that your symptoms are real and related to your job.  To show proof, you should make consistent visits to a pyschologist, psychiatrist or a mental health professional. Your doctor should document the PTSD symptoms reported by you and provide a written statement about how the condition affects your ability to work. Medical records can show the severity of your symptoms.

Get Statements From Others

You are going to need witnesses to back up your claims. Witnesses may include coworkers, friends and family members. They should write statements about their observations of your limitations due to PTSD.

File Your Claim

You will need to submit your medical records and statements when filing your claim. To file your claim, you need to complete form CA-1 Federal Employee's Notice of Traumatic Injury and Claim for Continuation of Pay/Compensation and CA-2 Notice of Occupational Disease and Claim for Compensation. You also have to follow your state's regulations.

The extent of your documented limitations will determine whether you are approved. The Workers comp department have to determine if your disability is partial or total. It also must decide on permanent or temporary  benefits. Workers compensation covers some wage replacement, rehabilitation and medical care.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder does not always occur immediately after a traumatic event. This condition can occur a few months down the road. A paramedic is a very diverse job. You are going to experience a lot of life threatening events.

It helps to prepare yourself mentally and physically. This may mean going to counseling. However, it helps to know you can be covered financially if affected by PTSD. If you need to file a claim, then it is time to contact a workers comp attorney, like Walz Law Office.