Left With Injuries & Vehicle Damage After A Collision

19 September 2017
 Categories: Law, Blog

Did you find out that you were given false contact information by the person that collided with your vehicle and caused you to get injured? Have you been struggling to pay for your medical and vehicle repair expense since the incident occured? The other party might feel confident that he or she cannot be found, but there is still hope left for you. Hire a personal injury attorney and he or she will do everything possible to locate the other party. This article lists several of the services that an attorney can provide to resolve the situation.

1. Begin an Investigation

Locating the other party will be necessary before any further steps can be taken by the attorney. Attorneys have the skills for running investigations on their own, or they can hire someone to do the work on their behalf. However the investigation is done, it will likely start with a visit to the police station. Basically, the accident report will be requested so the attorney can use it as a way to locate the other party. Speaking to people near the accident scene and reviewing surveillance footage might also be done as a part of the investigation.

2. Try to File an Accident Claim

If the other party is able to be located, the attorney will then find out if he or she has auto insurance. As long as the other party has auto insurance and it was active at the time of the collision, an insurance claim can be filed. If you are able to get money from the insurance company, it does not mean that it will be a sufficient amount for your needs. You will only be able to receive what the company is willing to give, which means obtaining more money might have to be done via a different method. For instance, you can sue the other party for additional money if it becomes necessary.

3. Avoid the Court System

If you end up needing to file a lawsuit, the attorney will try his or her best to avoid taking the dispute to court. The reason why is because lawsuits can end up requiring a substantial amount of time in court before a settlement can be reached. A judge will have to listen to testimonies, review evidence, and many other things before a fair decision is made. Settling the dispute out of court is the best method, but it will only work if the other party is willing to cooperate. Mediation sessions can possibly be conducted in an attorneys office or any other location until settlement is agreed upon.             

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