Why It Is So Important You Hire A Lawyer If Your Newborn Was Injured During Birth

5 February 2018
 Categories: Law, Blog

Every expecting parent dreams of bringing home a beautiful, healthy baby and has nightmares of something going wrong. Unfortunately, things can happen that make the nightmare come true. When your newborn suffers from any type of injury that was caused during the birth or because your doctor missed something while you were pregnant, you need to contact an attorney experienced with birth injuries. Here are just a few reasons to do so as soon as you notice a problem.

Your Emotional State

You are going to be going through a very emotional, stressful, hormonal time right after the birth of a baby. You may not remember everything that happened or was said to you during the labor and delivery. Having an injured newborn is only going to complicate things and make you even more uncertain as to what happened. The sooner you contact a lawyer, the quicker he or she can request the medical records and speak with anyone that was there during the birth. Having an accurate record of what happened will be required for any law suite and will ensure you are properly compensated.

Work with the Insurance Company and Hospital

When there is a problem birth, the hospital and the doctor's insurance company are immediately notified. They will probably offer you some type of settlement. This settlement may not take into consideration all the medical bills that will be incurred due to the injury. It will often not include any compensation for the time you need to take off work to care for the baby after your maternity leave is used. Any injury that is going to be lifelong is going to require a lot of help. There may be different therapies, caregivers, medications, and special equipment. All of this is going to cost money. Your lawyer will make sure that you do not suffer financially now, or in the future, because of a birth injury.

Take Care of the Details

You need to be able to spend time with your newborn and the rest of your family without having to worry about taking care of the paperwork and research for the lawsuit. Your lawyer will come to you to get papers signed that allows them to collect and obtain all the information on your behalf. They will also keep you informed of any progress or problems. However, the work they do will allow you to concentrate on taking care of yourself, your newborn, and the rest of your family.

Although mistakes happen, and doctors are only human, birth injuries are nothing to be taken lightly or forgiven. Talk with a birth injury lawyer to determine if it was an honest accident or something that could and should have been avoided. While money is not going to make the injury go away, it will make it so you and your newborn can bond and have the problem taken care of as much as possible.