Getting Help With A Disability Discrimination Case

24 August 2019
 Categories: Law, Blog

Thanks to several laws and safeguards, you have the right to certain protections in the workplace. For instance, if you have a disability, it's illegal to be discriminated against in the workplace because of it. Because of this, you will need to get the help of a disability discrimination attorney that can help you out. To get assistance with these sorts of matters, utilize the points below to get the help you need.

Understand your rights and the importance of filing a disability discrimination case

When you have a disability, you are covered under a federal law known as the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Under this law, your employer has to reasonably accommodate for your disability and can't take discriminatory actions against you based on your disability. Because of this, you will need to make your company's human resources department aware of any situation in which you feel like you've been discriminated against. They will conduct an internal review and should correct the issue. 

If it is not corrected, you will want to file a complaint internally. This complaint makes them aware and serves notice, which will help you out if you decide to move forward and press charges. Since your rights are covered under federal law, you should never stay in the situation without asserting your rights. You are entitled to damages and should treat the situation with the seriousness that it deserves.

Hire the help of a lawyer that can assist you

Since you now know how important these cases are, you will need to take the next step of hiring an attorney. There are lawyers that specifically cover disability discrimination cases, so it's vital that you get in touch with someone that has this area of interest. 

By getting in touch with a law firm that can assist you with this case, you will have help communicating with your company and can either win a lawsuit or get a settlement that will pay for your damages. On average, these lawyers get paid about $4,000 for these cases, and it'll be very much worth it once you get the money that you need for your troubles.

There are plenty of attorneys that you can reach out to when you need assistance, so be sure that you take the time to get a consultation. From there, you'll be able to match up with the attorney that you trust.