Factors That Increase The Risk Of Motorbike Accidents

11 October 2019
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Many road risks are more dangerous to motorcyclists than to other road users. Below are some of these risks.

Road Conditions

Motorcycles are more likely to lose their balance than automobiles with four wheels. When a car's tire runs over a road obstacle, the other three tires can still help street the car. If a motorbike's tire runs over an obstacle, only one other tire remains – and that might not be enough to stabilize the bike. Thus, imperfect road conditions can easily trip a motorbike and cause an accident. Examples include things like potholes, ice, fallen rocks, gravel, and other foreign objects on the road.

The liability for an accident caused by an imperfect road condition depends on the cause of the imperfection. Road maintenance bodies, other road users (such as truck drivers who spill their cargo on the road), and even the parties involved in the accident can all be liable for the accident.

Prevailing Weather

Inclement weather is a common factor in auto accidents, and it is especially high risk for motorbikes. Ice or snow on the road, strong crosswinds, floods, and even rainfall are some of the things riders have to worry about. Don't forget the inherent instability of motorbikes mentioned above – weather issues that might not trouble cars much might be problematic for motorbikes.

Note that every road user is expected to consider prevailing weather conditions while on the road. For example, reducing speed when visibility is poor reduces the risk of a crash. Any rider who causes an accident because they were too fast for the prevailing weather conditions might be held at least partially liable for the damages even if they were within the speed limits.

Motorbike Conditions

The condition of the motorbike determines how it will behave in an emergency. For example, malfunctioning brakes, worn-out tires, malfunctioning turn signals, and similar things can all cause motorbike accidents. Since every motorbike rider is expected to maintain their bikes, a motorbike accident caused by poor maintenance is likely to be the responsibility of the rider.

Rider Experience

Controlling a motorbike is not easy for those without adequate experience. Every small mistake is likely to lead to an accident. Thus, inexperienced riders are supposed to ride bikes they are familiar with, ride at reasonable speeds, and avoid stunts on the road. In case inexperience is considered to be a contributing factor in a motorbike accident, the rider will bear some of the blame for the accident.

If you do get involved in a motorcycle accident, treat it just as you would treat any other automobile accident. Don't let the driver bully you or hoodwink you into accepting liability for the crash. Consult a motor accident lawyer to help you deal with the ensuing claim or lawsuit.

For more information, contact a motorcycle accident attorney