Is A Work Injury Turning Into A Lifetime Disability? Act Before Your Workers Compensation Runs Out

8 November 2019
 Categories: Law, Blog

If you have been battling a work related injury that has now gone from lasting weeks to months, and you may not ever recover, you want to hire a lawyer. A long term disability attorney understand the type of funds you will need, the battle your employer may put up to prevent having to pay, and the pain that you are going through both mentally and physically.

You will have to rely on a disability check from the government, and a package from your old job since you can't work. Talk with your employer about these different things, to be sure that you have a case, and that you are ready to go after your employer for a settlement.

Creating a Case for a Settlement

As time passes the employer may try to force you back to work so they don't have to pay compensation each week for an employee that isn't there. You need to give all the details of the injury, how it occurred, and if there is an injury report or account of what happened during the injury.

Hand over any paperwork that your employer has sent you since the injury, and from now on have them contact your lawyer. The lawyer will be creating a case that shows the work related injury happened because of your dedication to the company, and that you deserve to be paid since you may never work again.

Applying for Disability

Next you will need to have your lawyer assist you in applying for disability. The application for this can be very detailed, and you want everything to be accurate to prevent delays on your application.

You need proof that you can't work, and a statement and physical from a physician will be required. Get this from your physician, along with details about the type of injury that occurred.

With the money that you get from the settlement from your employer, and then the disability funds, you can hopefully supplement your income from not being able to work. You don't want to wait until your workers compensation runs out until you try to find a lawyer and try to get financial help. Instead, do what you need to and work hard to get the money that you need after you were injured on the job. The sooner you get the case and application filed, the sooner you can feel secure with your funds.