Leave It To The Experts With Your Accident Case

5 December 2019
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Some car accidents are more complex than others. In some cases, fault cannot be agreed upon or the accident victim has suffered an unusual loss. When a personal injury case needs an expert's opinion, expert witnesses are called upon to help. Read on to find out more about leaving it to the experts.

What Do Expert Witnesses Do?

Most have heard of experts who are called upon to testify on the stand about an issue in court. There is a wide variety of experts who specialize in testifying in court for either the plaintiffs or the defendants. What many people don't know is that experts lend their knowledge and help the parties resolve issues even before they go to court. Any case that can be resolved outside of court benefits both sides. Experts can be called upon during an accident investigation or when the parties are trying to determine how much money is needed to cover a certain loss. Take a look at some more examples of when an expert is used both outside of court and in court.

To Determine Fault

Fault is a major aspect of a personal injury case and it's not always crystal clear which party caused the accident. Accident reconstruction experts are well-known for testifying in court but they can also be useful to help you and your attorney understand fault in the accident. No matter what their findings may be, it's helpful to know where you would stand if you took your case to court. These experts are often trained in highway safety and engineering to look at evidence and provide an educated guess on how the accident happened. They might look at skid marks, damage to the vehicles, damage to roadside objects, and other evidence and form an opinion as to which driver was at fault (or which one was more at fault than the other).

To Determine Income Impacts

Some accidents result in serious and permanent injuries to victims. Victims have a right to be paid for their losses including future income losses from a career they can no longer enjoy. Economic and medical experts may be called upon to project the amount of lost future earnings as a result of an injury.

To Determine Future Medical Costs

Accident victims don't always achieve full healing by the time a case is settled or litigated. It's important for the parties to have an expert opinion as to how much more medical treatment is needed and how much that treatment will cost in the future. This calculation involves experts who specialize in medical cost analysis based on the expert medical predictions of a physician.

Other experts you might encounter during complex personal injury situations include mental health experts, bio-mechanical experts, and vocational experts. Talk with a car accident lawyer like Anthony Smith Law, P.A. to learn more.