Did A Driver's Road Rage Leave You Critically Injured? Get A Car Accident Lawyer Today

2 April 2020
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If you were in a bad car accident and you think that you were hurt intentionally because of road rage, you want to get a lawyer. It can be difficult to remember the exact reasons why an accident occurred, but if you remember the other vehicle involved riding your tailgate because they wanted you to go faster, you could have a case.

Severe auto accident injuries can be cause for a lawsuit. Find a car accident lawyer and go over these details and the information relevant to your auto injury case.

Your Life-Changing Injuries

Severe injuries may not just be difficult to heal from at the time; you may not ever fully recover. Head, back, spine, and neck injuries can be the most difficult to recover from, and they often result in permanent injuries.

Any physicians treating you should be able to write a statement that gives details of the severity of your injuries, what your potential recovery could be, and what permanent lifetime disabilities you may have.

The type of treatment and length of treatment needed will also be included. This will help any judge, jurors or insurance companies understand the reality of your injuries.

Proof of Road Rage or Reckless Driving

There are different ways you should be able to prove that the other driver was acting aggressively or recklessly. This should include:

  • Other driver eyewitness accounts
  • Black box data from both vehicles in the accident reports for speed
  • Police reports
  • Surveillance from traffic monitoring cameras

The legal representatives representing you for your injury case will work to find the right evidence that can win you the case for a settlement. The sooner you have the case reviewed and get a legal team working on the details, the more evidence they may be able to gather for the case.

If you know that you won't be able to return to work for a long time or that you may not ever return to work because of the car accident and the injuries that you are suffering from, it's time to get help. You want a lawyer working on your case so they can try to get the money that you will need to continue supporting yourself and so you don't have to worry about finances for the rest of your life.

Act fast so you know that someone is helping you. You shouldn't have a lifetime of struggles physically and financially because someone couldn't control their temper while they were on the road.