Was Your Child Seriously Injured Because Their Coached Forced Them To Play Hurt? Get A Lawyer Fast

17 June 2020
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If your child was forced to play in an athletic event by a coach when your child expressed they were injured and did not want to go on and now they have a serious injury, hire an attorney. The child not only has physical injuries and medical concerns to worry about but could have a lifetime of mental health issues as well.

It is important to document everything. Your lawyer will have to dig through the evidence to see what the case has for evidence and if you could pursue legal charges. Discuss the following things with the injury attorney.

Injury at the Event

Provide the statement from a physician about the initial injury that took place. Injuries that often result in legal recourse include:

  • Injuries requiring surgery
  • Head, back or neck injuries
  • Permanent injures
  • Injuries requiring a long hospital stay

If your child could have had a concussion, permanent damage to a body part, or if they needed surgery and emergency medical attention and didn't get it, you need to get a legal consultation.

Risks of Continuing to Play

The medical professionals will tell you what types of risks your child could have suffered or may have suffered from continuing to play. This could mean permanent damage, brain damages, loss of fine motor skills, future athletic opportunities, and more. State clearly what the risks were or still are.

Compensation Options

There are many reasons why you deserve compensation for what happened. Here are some of the reasons for compensation:

  • Emergency medical bills
  • Long term medical expenses
  • Present and future mental trauma 
  • Family strains because of the injury

Your lawyer will determine what the injury has cost you and your children financially, mentally, and physically and then decide what the amount is that you need. This will be an accumulation of problems now and what may be a problem down the road with your child's health because of the incident.

The lawyer will approach the coach or organization and come up with a settlement option or to determine if the case needs to go to court.

If your child's health and quality of life were at risk because a coach refused to accept they were dealing with an injury and continued to force them to play even though they were hurt, you need to reach out to personal injury attorneys, such as Carter & Fulton, P.S. You need to find out what your options are if the coach is legally responsible for what happened to your child.