Things To Tell Your Car Accident Lawyer

16 September 2020
 Categories: Law, Blog

Auto collisions involve a lot of trauma, especially if you've never been in one before. They can also involve attorneys. Specifically, you may need to work with a car accident lawyer. If you end up pursuing this relationship, here are a couple of things you'll want to disclose to this legal professional about your personal injury case.

How the Accident Happened

In the very beginning of this legal relationship, the car accident lawyer needs to know everything that happened about the accident. These details will give the attorney an accurate picture and a better estimation of your ability to have a positive outcome should a personal injury case be filed.

Explain where you were when you were hit, how the collision occurred, and what happened after. Don't leave out any details even if they seem trivial. Nothing really is when it comes to these severe legal situations.

The Overall Impact

Everyone comes out differently after an automotive collision. Some people have back injuries, some get their legs hurt, and then others walk away fine but faced with emotional stress. 

Whatever things the auto collision did to you, tell your car accident lawyer these details. They can use these statements to calculate a certain amount of money that will be appropriate to recover from what you've been through. 

For instance, if you suffered physically, the attorney would need to see medical reports and examine the costs incurred. Or if you were emotionally shaken up, bills from therapists would be great to provide. 

How Communications Went With Insurance Company

Insurance companies will get involved after auto collisions as they have to move claims along and pay out accordingly. So that you do everything by the book as far as this aspect, tell the car accident lawyer how communications have gone with the insurance companies.

What questions did they ask and what type of settlement did they offer for the vehicle damage or injuries? Your attorney needs to know everything and then they can help further if there are issues you may not have been aware of. For example, the settlement may not be large enough and a car accident attorney can help you get something better.

Having to go through a car accident can be filled with anxiety, especially if you're approaching this situation from a legal standpoint. Don't worry though, car accident lawyers are capable of managing your plight and help you correctly, especially if you inform them on the right details.