Types Of Family Law Cases

4 October 2021
 Categories: Law, Blog

Family law handles cases related to spouses and their children. However, while some cases involve family, the law may treat them as criminal or civil cases. That's why you need to know the cases that fall under family law. Here are the common types of family law cases.

Marriage Dissolution

If you'd like to end your marriage legally, you can file for divorce in court. The law usually terminates a marriage through two processes:

  • Divorce - this ends a legal marriage. The process is usually sensitive since both spouses have to agree on family matters such as alimony, child custody, and financial issues such as wealth allocation.

  • Annulment - the legal process ends a marriage that one of the spouses believes wasn't valid. For instance, one spouse may think that the marriage isn't legal if it's an arranged or forced marriage.

  • Separation - sometimes, the court may issue a separation order where the couple splits, and the court settles family matters, including property allocation and child custody. However, the couple remains legally married.

If you're not sure which of these marriage dissolution cases to file, your family lawyer can advise accordingly.

Juvenile Cases

Family law courts usually handle the following types of cases when minors are involved:

  • Alleged child abuse or neglect
  • Minors accused of illegal behavior
  • Work license approval for juveniles under 14 years old

Domestic Violence

When a man or woman experiences domestic violence, they may file charges against the perpetrator in a family law court. Domestic violence is a serious charge since victims suffer physical and mental abuse. The court may issue a restraining order against the violent spouse or give a harsh ruling such as jail time.

Paternity Cases

Paternity cases usually help determine who's the father of a child. Both married and unmarried couples may like to confirm paternity, especially if they've been dealing with cases of infidelity. Once the court establishes paternity, it can issue orders to do with visitation rights, child support, and custody.


Emancipation refers to the process of gaining freedom against legal, social, and political restrictions. Children that want to separate from their parents legally before they become legal adults can file an emancipation case. This is common in kids that suffer abuse from their parents.

If any of the above situations apply to you, you should consider consulting a family law lawyer and filing your case in a family law court.