Critical Reasons To Put A Medical Malpractice Attorney On Retainer

20 December 2021
 Categories: Law, Blog

It can be challenging to prove that one of your healthcare providers treated with you negligence or malice. You may not know what tactics to use to prove your case. You also may have no idea of how to place a value on or collect damages for your pain and suffering. 

Instead of representing yourself during any legal action that you want to take, you need an advocate on hand to counsel and assist you. You can benefit from putting an experienced medical malpractice attorney on retainer. 

Proving Your Case

You may find it difficult to get law enforcement, insurance adjusters, and other parties involved in the case to believe you. The healthcare provider that you are accusing of negligence or malice might have a stellar reputation. They may also have no prior record of mistreating patients.

Still, that does not mean that the provider is not guilty of the accusations that you levy against them. When you have a medical malpractice attorney representing you, you can have the case thoroughly investigated and find out what really happened. Your attorney may be able to uncover irrefutable proof that backs up your claims and can convince anyone involved in the case of the malpractice that you experienced.

Valuing Your Damages

Your medical malpractice attorney can also place a value on your pain and suffering and determine how much to pursue in your case. Under your state's personal injury laws, your suffering has a monetary value. Your attorney will know what mandates govern how much for which you can sue and use that figure to file an insurance claim or lawsuit on your behalf.

Dealing with Insurers

Your medical malpractice attorney can likewise deal with insurance companies on your behalf. The adjuster assigned to your case may try to get you to dismiss the claim or accept a much smaller payout than what you are legally entitled to. They may even try to argue that you were at fault and are, therefore, not entitled to any kind of payment at all.

Your medical malpractice attorney can act as your intermediary between you and the adjuster. They can make sure the adjuster pays out your full claim and avoids accusing or pressuring you during the process.

A medical malpractice lawyer can investigate your claim and help you prove your case against your healthcare provider. They can also determine the value for which to file a claim or lawsuit and act as your intermediary with insurance companies and adjusters. Contact a medical malpractice attorney near you to learn more.