3 Things a Truck Accident Lawyer Will Do for You If You're a Victim of a Wide-Turn Crash

11 August 2022
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A trailer's size and weight can make it difficult to negotiate turns like small vehicles. In most cases, they occupy an additional lane that may be adjacent to oncoming traffic when they are turning. This can be extremely dangerous, especially if these maneuvers are done in narrow streets with heavy traffic or if the driver isn't paying attention. Any mistake made while turning could cause a fatal collision. If you're a victim of a wide-turn crash that results due to negligence, contact a truck accident lawyer. These lawyers will work tirelessly to get you reimbursed for your injuries. Here are three things they'll do to ensure you get justice for your misfortunes.

Proving Negligence

Trailer operators have a duty to make wide turns safely without harming other motorists. If they recklessly make a turn and hit your vehicle, you can hold them liable for any resulting injuries or damage. Some mistakes that may lead to a crash include not signaling when turning, not using windows and mirrors to manage space effectively, or not checking for oncoming traffic. These operators may also lack the training to make such turns or be impaired by drugs or alcohol.

A lawyer can investigate the circumstances of the crash to determine if negligence played a role. They'll review the police report, talk to witnesses, inspect the damage on both vehicles, and obtain footage from any nearby surveillance cameras. If it appears that the trailer driver made an error, they'll file a claim against them to recover damages.

Building a Case

Several parties could be liable for a wide-turn crash, including a driver, trucking company, or manufacturer, making the process of filing a claim quite complex. If you decide to handle your case yourself, you can be confused and overwhelmed trying to figure out who the liable individual is. Trucking crash laws also keep on changing, making things even more difficult. Luckily, a lawyer can file your paperwork, so you can focus on your recovery. They'll ensure the paperwork is filed correctly and on time to increase your chances of receiving full compensation.

Computing Damages

A trailer's size and the speed at which it travels can cause a significant impact in a collision. If you're a victim of such a crash, you can suffer because of emotional stress, disability, reduced earning capacity, or lost wages. A lawyer will calculate the total value of your damages and present it to the liable party's insurer to get you awarded for your losses.

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