Three Tips For Purchasing Commercial Space When You Primarily Have Remote Workers

20 June 2017
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WordPress CEO Matt Mullenweg recently announced his company would be getting rid of its commercial space because it largely went unused due to the fact the majority of his staff worked remotely. While WordPress is an extreme example of the remote worker trend, many companies are moving in a similar direction by letting employees work from home more often or transitioning some onsite workers to full-time remote ones. If you're a startup planning to have more offsite workers than onsite ones or an established company looking to transition to a majority offsite staff, here are three tips for purchasing commercial real estate to fit your needs. Read More 

Can You Sue Someone For Stealthing?

16 June 2017
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Stealthing sounds like an unlockable skill in a role-playing video game. In reality, it's the terrible act of people secretly removing condoms during sex without the consent of their partners, which exposes their partners to the risk of disease and unintended pregnancy. While it's legally questionable whether stealthing qualifies as sexual assault (and thus uncertain whether the perpetrator could be held criminally liable for his or her actions), victims of stealthing may be able to extract some justice in civil court via a personal injury lawsuit. Read More 

What Should You Do If You Discover An Injury A Few Days After A Car Accident?

5 June 2017
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You've probably heard this advice before: always go to the hospital to get looked over after a car accident. However, everyone makes mistakes; you would not be the first person not to heed this advice because you felt just fine, only to realize days later that you were, indeed, injured during the accident. Filing an insurance claim for injury-related compensation is a lot more complicated when you did not seek immediate medical treatment, but it's not impossible. Read More 

2 Misconceptions About the Personal Injury Lawsuit Statute of Limitations You Need to Learn the Truth Behind

18 May 2017
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While you may never expect to become injured due to someone else's negligence, it is important to be prepared for if/when that time comes. The odds that you will need to file a personal injury lawsuit one day may be much higher than you thinkā€”the majority of civil court cases in the United States are personal injury cases. Most people drive automobiles on a regular basis and almost everyone walks, so auto accident and slip and fall cases are two of the most common personal injury lawsuits today. Read More 

The Truth Behind Four Medical Malpractice Misconceptions

1 May 2017
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Although many people understand the basics of medical malpractice, there are many different misconceptions out there surrounding the legal aspect. If you're struggling with a medical error and considering a malpractice suit, it's in your best interest to understand as much as you can about what medical malpractice is and how these cases work. Here are a few common misconceptions and the truth that you should know about them. Medical Malpractice Doesn't Include Deaths Read More